When Did Spencer Pratt Become the Face of Crystal Healing?

Did you binge watch "The Hills?"

Over the years, many celebrities have dabbled in crystal healing. Shay Mitchell, Megan Fox, Jenna Dewan—just to name a few. However, none have shown the dedication to becoming a meme quite like Spencer Pratt.

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That’s right, that Spencer Pratt. Pratt gained notoriety as a cast member on “The Hills” and was known for his chaotic relationship with now spouse Heidi Montag. The show had it’s finale in 2010, but Pratt remained a familiar face in reality television, appearing on the American version of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” and two separate seasons of “Celebrity Big Brother.” In 2019, Pratt returned to television with “The Hills: New Beginnings” and came with a new appreciation for crystal healing.

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In the new series, there’s still some of the same old drama (specifically between Pratt’s wife Heidi and his sister Stephanie), but now Pratt is using crystals to help with the stress. His love for crystals first appeared during the last season of the original show, with Pratt famously holding a large piece of rose quartz to his forehead. This moment was heavily memed and he’s fully leaned into the new age form of therapy, often carrying around specific stones depending on his mood or the situation.

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After both Pratt and his wife blew through their “The Hills” fortune, Pratt chose to make his passion for crystals into a business. Pratt has since launched a website, Pratt Daddy, where he sells crystal jewelry, crystal decor, essential oils and even crystal inspired masks.

While Pratt does practice crystal therapy in his own life, he’s clear with his audience that these stones shouldn’t replace medical treatment, especially during a pandemic:

“Pratt Daddy Crystals recognizes the power of precious stones in healing the mind and the body. This is not, however, a guarantee. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent physical or mental maladies. Use them in good health, but never as a replacement for medical treatment.”

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