Which Type of Empath are You: The 7 Types of Empaths

Which type of empath are you?

So you’ve figured out that you’re an empath. Congrats on this impressive self-discovery! And if you’re hearing about empaths for the first time, that’s totally OK. Empaths are people who take on the energy, whether that be positive or negative, around them. It’s more than just being hyper-sensitive, empaths are emotional sponges who are deeply impacted by outside stimuli. 

If you already know you’re an empath or are just curious, it’s important to realize that not all empaths are the same. In fact, there are seven different types of empaths who experience the world around them in different ways. 

Emotional Empath

Emotional empaths are one of the most common types of empaths. In fact, this type of empath is often misunderstood as the only type. Emotional empaths pick up and take on the emotions or moods of people around them. This can be a good thing when it comes to positive emotions such as happiness or excitement, but can also be exceptionally draining when it comes to emotions like sadness or stress. 

Physical Empath

Physical empaths can pick up or take on the physical symptoms of those around them. For example, if someone near them has a headache, they can start to feel discomfort in their temples. Some physical empaths also have the ability to perceive where someone’s physical pain is coming from. 

Intuitive Empath

Intuitive empaths have the ability to pick up on and perceive what’s going on around them. Similar to emotional empaths, they can not only sense emotions but what other people are thinking or feeling. This type of empath is often referred to as having claircognizance, an almost psychic knowing of what’s going on in a given place.

Earth Empath

Earth empaths are exceptionally perceptive of nature and the natural world. These empaths are exceptionally in tune with changes in the weather, natural disasters and changes to the planet at large.

Plant Empath

Plant empaths are perceptive of individual plants, whether those be in nature or in potted soil. If Earth empaths are empathic of nature on a macro-level, plant empaths are empathic on a micro or highly focused level. They have the ability to perceive what a plant needs, such as water or sunlight, or identify bugs or blights without prior botany knowledge. 

Animal Empath

Animal empaths can pick up and take on the needs or emotions of animals. They can perceive what an animal is thinking or feeling, often experiencing great emotional pain when witnessing animal cruelty. Some animal empaths have the ability to soothe stressed and anxious animals, often leading them to work with animals as a career.

Dream Empath

Dream empaths are very perceptive of dreams. They often remember most or all of their dreams, having the ability to “read between the lines” to determine meaning and symbolism. They also have the ability to apply their empathy to perceiving the dreams of others.