This is Your Sexiest Trait According to Your Astrology Sign

What do you think is your sexiest trait?

Every sign in the zodiac has something that makes them sexy. And no, we’re not talking about a great head of hair, a megawatt smile or a perfect bum. These traits come from within and are way sexier than anything on the exterior. Take a look at the hottest quality of your sign in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on social media.


You’ll never meet a dishonest Aries. They tell it like it is and will always be upfront with the people they care about. They have no time for mind games and will be clear with their intentions from the jump.

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A Taurus’s sexiest trait is their devotion. They’re loyal to the ones they love and are willing to work through tough issues, instead of just giving up. They show their partners that they are reliable lovers, someone you can depend on until the end.

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While some signs shy away from affection, Geminis are all about it. They let you know that you’re special and they care by showing their love—whether that be through physical affection, gifts or words of affirmation.

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As one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac, Cancers are completely understanding and able to sympathize (as well as empathize) with their partners. They’re the best shoulder to cry on and will always be there for you if you need someone to listen.

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Leos get a bad wrap for being self-centered, but they’re actually extremely generous. They operate on a what’s mine is yours mindset with their partners, sparing no expense at spoiling the people they love.

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While analytical and practical by nature, Virgos are also extremely kind. It’s hard to find a mean Virgo, because even when they’re having a bad day, they’re still a total sweetheart.

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Libras work best in cooperative partnerships, which means they’re always down to compromise. They hate confrontation, so they’re satisfied with finding the solution that makes everyone happy.

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You saw it coming, but Scorpios are known for their passion. Their passion may be a bit intense sometimes, but boy is it hot.

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Sagittarians are extremely outgoing and are often quite funny. You’ll always be laughing with a Sagittarian partner, which makes them one of the most magnetic signs in the bunch.

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Capricorns are very hard workers, which can be pretty sexy. They care about their hustle and will often reap the rewards of their persistent attitude.

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Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum, always surprising the people in their life with their unique perspectives, thoughts and ideas. You’ll never be bored with an Aquarian lover.

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Pisces are diehard romantics, almost to a fault. They’re all about showing their partner that they care with chivalry, excitement and spontaneity. If anyone if going to give their partner a dozen roses for no reason, it’s a Pisces.

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