These Naughty Ceramics are Perfect For Your Boudoir

Who says fine china has to be boring?

Oh honey, these aren’t your grandma’s ceramics. Boring and basic home decor is out and lewd, loud and NSFW art is totally in. Pansy Ass Ceramics are here and ready to update your blasé incense burners, vases and tchotchkes, creating porcelain art that would make a nun curse. The company was founded in 2015 by Toronto artists Kris Allen and Andy Walker, who began their journey by updating vintage china with erotic art and cheeky phrases. Their business has expanded over the years to include custom produced ceramic pieces, as well as prints, pins and apparel.

Most of their pieces depict queer and fetish art, included vases made to look like male torsos with bondage straps, male genitals shrouded by flowers and a planter with a 24K gold luster ballgag. Plus, if you’re looking to deck out your pad with phallic art, this is the company for you. Their ceramics range from $25 to $650, so there’s a product available for practically any budget. Plus, if you’re looking for something less filthy but still witty, they also sell more toned down works, such as plates with phrases like “100% That Bitch,” “Shady” and “Sickening.”

Take a look at some of our favorite pieces from Pansy Ass Ceramics in the gallery below and check out their website to buy some of their naughty porcelain art for your pad.