Everything You Need to Know About Full Moons and Astrology

Are you impacted by a full moon?

If you’ve been along with us for our articles about astrology charts, you’re most likely well aware of the concept of moon signs. Depending on the time and location of your birth, you’re given a moon sign which gives insight on your emotions, moods and feelings. The moon cycles through the twelve signs every 2.5 days during a 28 day cycle, which means that your moon sign will likely differ from someone who shares your birthday but was born in a different year. But the moon’s placement does more than tell us about ourselves, it also plays an important role during full moons.

Every full moon is in the placement of one of the twelve signs and during this time, we feel emboldened by the characteristics of that particular sign. Full moons are all about release, illumination, extremes and intensity—which is why there’s plenty of folklore surrounding full moons. However, unlike what you’ve seen in literature, the full moon doesn’t always mean spooky things are going to happen. Instead, full moons can be tracked depending on the astrology sign they fall into to awaken or fulfill a facet of our lives.

Each sign has a different impact on the full moon and with this in mind, you can plan your calendar accordingly to accomplish certain goals. Aries starts off the astrological wheel and a full moon in Aries encourages us to put our energy into manifestation. Aries are the doers of the zodiac, thus a full moon in Aries is an opportune time to put time into starting new projects or moving ahead with a new relationship. Next up, a full moon in Taurus impacts our desire and pushes us to explore our hedonistic fantasies. Whether that desire be indulging in a shopping trip or a decadent dessert, full moon in Taurus has “Treat Yo Self” written all over it. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the communication planet and a full moon in Gemini persuades us to communicate openly. This can mean reaching out to an old friend or having “the talk” with your new flame, this social sign will give you the encourage to open up during a full moon. Cancer is the cardinal water signs, meaning that they’re highly reactionary and very VERY emotional. During a full moon in Cancer, we’ll all be feeling a bit more sensitive than usual, which means we need to proceed with empathy and understanding during this time—as everyone will be a bit on edge.

A full moon in Leo is a great opportunity to pursue creative endeavors and put yourself first. Leos live life unapologetically and the full moon brings out that the extra-ness, the drama and the flair we love about Leos. A full moon in Virgo encourages everyone to focus on the details and to think critically. A full moon in Virgo will have the biggest impact on your work and daily routines, as these are central to the Virgo identity. Balance is the key word when speaking of a full moon in Libra and this full moon will help you to find balance in your life. This is the opportune time to focus on wellness, finding balance within the body and the mind. Scorpio is a sign of intensity and a full moon in this sign brings forth passion, as well as some confrontation. Be prepared to have things get a little crazy during a full moon in Scorpio, as this sign is anything but subtle or mild.

Sagittarians love adventure and a full moon in this sign means embracing the new, different and exciting. Whether that’s embarking on a trip around the world or trying out a fun recipe, this full moon is all about seeking the unknown and finding freedom from the mundane. Capricorns are arguably the most responsible and self-disciplined sign in the zodiac, which comes into play during the full moon. During a full moon in Capricorn, we feel emboldened to get our lives in order and tie up any loose ends. A full moon in Aquarius is the perfect opportunity to embrace change, progression and rebellion. This sign encourages us to think to the future and open your mind to new ideas. Last, but not least, a full moon in Pisces amplifies our intuition and has a significant impact on our dreams. This full moon is all about connecting to your spiritual side and can help give insight into our larger purpose.

In 2020, there are four full moons left to observe. First, we have the Harvest Moon on October 1st, which falls under Aries. Then, on Halloween, we have the Hunter’s Moon in Taurus. On November 30th, we have the Beaver Moon in Gemini and lastly, on December 29th we have the Cold Moon in Cancer.