A Talk with an OnlyFans Growth Account Manager

Would you start an OnlyFans?

During the pandemic, thousands of people flocked to OnlyFans to help bring in some money. This included quite a few celebrities, from influencers to models to YouTube stars. Given the rise in popularity, savvy content creators have looked to the site for new opportunities, including Growth Account Manager Vee Ramos. After only being on OF for a few short months as a creator herself, Ramos has taken to managing accounts for others and is helping creators across the board make the most of the platform. We sat down with Ramos to learn more about how she got into this line of work, what she looks for in potential clients and where she’d like to see her career go from here.

When did you start your OnlyFans and what was your impression of the platform at the time?

I started my OnlyFans account in September of 2020. I knew about the platform, since it really was booming during quarantine, but I never thought of creating one. But one day, I was on Instagram and this reality star I loved posted about needing models for a shoot. And I reached out and flew to South Carolina to shoot with her. She urged me to start an account and it really just all came from that. It was the right environment and I felt comfortable enough to start one. 

How long did it take for you to get a hang of the platform and when did you start managing other people’s pages?

When I do something, I love to fully immerse myself in it. I wanted to learn everything and anything I could from the platform and got the hang of it fairly quickly. I was able to make a decent amount of money for myself, so I started helping others and began to master the platform. 

What does your job entail and does it differ from person to person?

I call myself a growth account manager, as my goal is to increase their revenue by 50% every month. It varies person to person, because I use different techniques for everyone I manage. I usually spend a day just gathering information on my client. I take into account what their target market is and overall social media presence, then figure out how we can build on that. I use my secret techniques (if anyone is interested in working with us, please reach out to info@awakethelion.com) to increase their current revenue on OF and if it’s a new creator, I figure out how I can reach a certain dollar amount per day.

Photo by @caramariaphotography

Why do you think there’s a demand for your job?

I think it’s the same reason there’s a demand for social media managers. It’s a service and it’s easier to have someone else manage it who is familiar and good at the platform. 

Can the guys tell?

Not at all. 

How has the pandemic impacted OF?

It’s become a huge source of income for everyday people and celebrities. 

What do you look for when taking on someone’s OF? 

We look at growth potential and professionalism. I want to make sure I can successfully grow my clients’ accounts. 

Photo by @caramariaphotography

How does someone become successful on OF and do they need a big following to begin with?

Well, I would say you hire us; Calafiore talent management, info@awakethelion.com.

I didn’t have a huge following and part of what we do is build a clients overall presence, so no they wouldn’t. 

How do you feel about the influx of celebrities and influencers coming onto OF?

I respect anyone who wants to come to make money, but we don’t respect people who exploit the platform and hurt other content creators who use this as a main source of income. 

Where do you hope this job takes you?

Hopefully, getting a beach house in Miami. Well, just creating an overall brand and business that covers all forms of social media. 

What’s up next for you?

We have our current girls shooting in Vegas with our photographers in February.

Photo by @caramariaphotography