25 Fascinating Facts About Your Favorite Swear Words

What's your favorite cuss word?

If there’s one thing that Rebel Circus readers love to do, it’s swear. Many of today’s most popular swear words have been considered taboo for hundreds of years and swearing is still often perceived as unladylike like. But do we give a damn? Hell to the no! We love to swear and personally, I think it makes you a better person. After all, wouldn’t you rather me let out some of my frustrations through a swear word or two than keep that emotion bottled up? That’s what I thought.

Take a look at 25 fascinating, unusual and surprising facts about swearing and let us know your favorite curse word in the comments section on social media.

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-Swearing could earn you the death penalty in the Byzantine Empire during the 6th century.

-Some languages, notably Japanese, don’t have swear words.

-Swear words are typically four letters and are one syllable.

-The word rooster was made in the 18th century to avoid saying “cock.”

-Swearing can help you to better handle pain.

-People tend to swear more in public than they did just 30 years ago.

-Swearing can help make your arguments move persuasive in some scenarios.

-People who swear often are known to lie less.

-Some suggest that swearing is linked to having a higher IQ.

-The word “b*tch” was first used to describe a female dog.

-The C-word dates all the way back to 1325.

-Sh*t and f*ck are both rooted in German.

-According to cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker, there are five functions of swearing: abusive swearing, cathartic swearing, dysphemistic swearing, emphatic swearing and idiomatic swearing.

-For the most part, swearing is protected under the United States’ First Amendment.

-“Gone with the Wind’s” famous line “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” was one of the first examples of swearing in a feature film.

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-During the 1960s, comedian Lenny Bruce was arrested on numerous occasions for swearing in his live shows.

-The word f*ck originally meant to strike or to hit.

-Motherf*cker gained popular use through Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five.”

-According to Buzz Bingo, 2013’s “The Wolf of Wallstreet” contains the most swear words with 715.

-Actors Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L Jackson have sworn the most in their film roles.

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-Children are more likely to learn a swear word before memorizing the alphabet.

-The average person vocabulary is .7% swear words.

-Copralalia is the involuntary and repetitive compulsion to swear.

-Sh*t is the most commonly used cuss word on Facebook.

-A string of symbols used to replace swear words, such as ” @#$%!” is called a grawlix.