15 Facts You Never Knew About Black Cats

Black cats are secretly the best cats

Black cats are one of the most misunderstood creatures, receiving more hate over the years than any other feline. However, those of us who are lucky to have a black cat know that these kitties are just as playful and affectionate as any other feline friend. They’re just blessed with wearing all black, all the time. In honor of our favorite felines, we’ve curated 15 unique facts about black cats that you probably weren’t aware of. Take a look at our findings in the gallery below and let us know if you have a black cat of your own in the comments section on social media.

In England, if a black cat crosses your path it’s thought to be good luck.

Many sailors regarded black cats as good luck and kept them on their ships as pets (but also to control the rat population).

In Japan, a woman who owns a black cat is said to attract many potential suitors.

In the British Midlands, a black cat was thought to be an appropriate wedding gift.

Researchers at the National Institute of Health found that black cats have more resistance to certain diseases.

Black cats can temporarily change colors, as sun exposure can break down the pigment in their fur.

The excess melanin that causes their black fur also commonly leads to yellow irises.

22 breeds of cats have the option of being black.

Black cats can have their fur turn white with age.

Due to superstitions, black cats are adopted less frequently than any other cat breed.

Male cats have a higher likely hood of being born black than females.

Cats that have black fur with white roots is known as black smoke.

August 17th is National Black Cat Appreciation Day.

The film “Black Panther” inspired many people to adopt black cats in 2018.

Many of pop culture’s most famous felines have been black cats, including Felix the Cat, The Cat in the Hat, Thackery Binx from “Hocus Pocus,” Jiji from “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” Salem Saberhagen from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and Snowball II from “The Simpsons.”