12 Types of Men You’ll Want to Avoid on Tinder

Tinder is a magical place where players of all sizes, shapes, colors and vocations come together.

Tinder is a magical place where players of all sizes, shapes, colors and vocations come together. It’s the OG social media app of our generation and known for hosting some of the wildest, wackiest and weirdest men that society has to offer. But hey, there’s someone out there for everyone and someone’s trash is another’s treasure. Here are just a handful of the types of men you’ve probably already run into on this popular dating app.

The Dead Animal Slingin’ Redneck

This guy really wants you to know he’s a catch—by showing off his various kills on his profile. From fish to deer, maybe even a turkey, this man’s best friend is his Remington 7600. 

Likes: Hunting, steak houses, the Second Amendment, country music

Dislikes: Liberals, vegans, city slickers, tiny dogs


The Pretentious Hipster

It doesn’t matter if this guy’s a native New Yorker or hasn’t stepped foot outside of Missouri—his entire aura screams Brooklyn—from his handlebar mustache to his suspenders to his coffee breath. He’ll judge your taste in music, television shows and of course, your friends. And let’s not forget his personal style is somewhere between Urban Outfitters and homeless.

Likes: Hole in the wall coffee shops, vinyl records, Ernest Hemingway, hand-rolled cigarettes

Dislikes: Capitalism, popular culture, showers


The Finance Bro

There’s no question about whether he was in a fraternity, because every picture on his Instagram is hashtagged with #pikappaalpha4life. He comes from money and aspires to be the next Donald Trump, with better hair. His family doesn’t think you’re good enough, but they’re good Christians so they won’t say it to your face—they’ll just leave you out of the next family vacation to Nantucket.

Likes: Old fashioneds, Brooks Brothers, Alumni events, sailing

Dislikes: The #metoo movement, betas, when the coke runs out


The Catfish

This guy is way too good to be true. He’s gorgeous, has a great job and is really into you. But you can’t help but think that you’ve seen his face before and that probably isn’t a good thing. Plus, he keeps putting off meeting and insists it’s because he’s shy.

Likes: Whatever you like

Dislikes: Facetime


The Townie Who Peaked in High School

This guy was the talk of the town during his high school days, but never lived up to his Homecoming King status. Now, he’s all about his car and reliving the glory days. And he most likely still lives at home, but calls his mother’s basement his condo.

Likes: His car, throwback Thursday, townie bars

Dislikes: His parent’s expectations, career women, getting up before noon


The Wannabe Instagram Celebrity

He lives for the Gram and even though he hasn’t cracked 1,000 followers—he knows he’s destined to be the next influencer. He spends more time on his phone than anyone you know and spends hours crafting the perfect selfie—it’s all about the lighting after all!

Likes: Instagram, vlogging, pranks

Dislikes: Algorithms, No Wi-Fi, pimples


The Incel

It’s unlikely this guy has much (if any) experience with women and if you match, expect to have a stage 4 clinger on your hands. He’ll seem sweet and sincere at first, but the second you turn down his advances, get ready for him to call you every name in the book.

Likes: Reddit, 4Chan, fedoras

Dislikes: Feminists, Chads, Staceys


The Guy Who’s Clearly in a Relationship

He swears the girl in his pictures is his sister, but you know better than that. He only contacts you late at night and if you end up getting together, he wants to meet up at a dimly lit bar two towns away. 

Likes: Booty Calls, Snapchat, Private Instagrams

Dislikes: Monogamy


The Gym Rat

This guy lives in the gym and has the body to prove it. He’s all about showing off his gains with a shirtless selfie and insists he only takes supplements, not steroids.

Likes: Protein, mirror selfies, tribal tattoos

Dislikes: Gym closures, cardio, shirts with sleeves


The Wildcard

He’s either a genuine riot or a total basket case—or a combination of the two. He treats his profile like a social experiment and might have a collection of human teeth under his bed. He may or may not be a serial killer.

Likes: Standing out, modern art, making people uncomfortable

Dislikes: Conformity


The Swinger

This guy and his girl are a package deal looking for a third to spice up their sex life. He’s all about boundaries, communication and swears he’s a feminist—but secretly dreams of having three wives.

Likes: Open relationships, orgies, the 1960s

Dislikes: Being on top


The Man of Mystery

This guy has more photos on his profile than most, but not a single one shows his face. You’re not sure what to expect from this guy and can’t help but wonder if there’s a reason why he’s keeping his identity under wraps.

Likes: Photos from the neck down

Dislikes: Photos from the neck up