11 Trans and Nonbinary Influencers You Should Already Know

These influencers are on our radar.

Every year, GLAAD celebrates Transgender Awareness Week—with 2020’s falling on November 13th through the 19th, with Transgender Day of Remembrance being observed on November 20th. During this week, people and organizations around the country raise awareness about the issues that face transgender and nonbinary individuals. They do so by bringing attention to their stories, educating the public about their experiences and commemorating the trans people whose lives were lost to anti-transgender violence.

In honor of this year’s Transgender Awareness Week and Transgender Day of Remembrance, take a look at 11 trans activists making their community proud and fighting to make the world a better place for LGBTQ people of all ages.

Kat Blaque

Kat Blaque is a YouTuber with 315K subscribers who creates videos about LGBTQ topics, polyamory and the BDSM community.

Luna Lovebad

Luna Lovebad is a Latina singer who is the pop princess of Compton.

Indya Moore

You may recognize Indya Moore from her roles of “Pose” and “Queen & Slim,” but she’s also a passionate activist on social media.

Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe Bergdorf is an English model and activist who received an honorary doctorate from the University of Brighton for her work with transgender rights.

Laith Ashley

Laith Ashley has broken major barriers for transmen and he’s quite the heartthrob.

Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun is not only one of the most popular beauty bloggers on YouTube, she also has her own cosmetics line.

Eden the Doll

Eden the Doll made international news when her and her friends were attacked on Hollywood Boulevard. Now she’s fighter harder than ever to raise awareness about violence against trans women.

Trace Lysette

Trace Lysette made waves during her time acting on Amazon’s “Transparent,” and she’s living proof that LGBT visibility in media matters.

Geena Rocero

In 2019, Geena Rocero became Playboy’s first Asian-Pacific Islander centerfold and continues to do speeches around the country to raise awareness about trans rights.

Kai Wes

Kai broke hearts on MTV’s “Are You the One?” and was one of the first trans-masculine nonbinary people to appear on a mainstream reality dating competition.

Natalie Wynn

Also known as Contrapoints, Natalie Wynn is a popular YouTube creator who uses her background in academia to make informative, introspective and artistic videos about politics, identity and ethics.