What Your Bestie Wants For Christmas Based on Her Astrology Sign

Stop worrying about what you're going to get your best friend and listen to the stars.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and every year, I struggle to find the perfect gifts for the people in my life. If you’re a perfectionist and a people pleaser, gift giving can be pretty stressful. However, looking to the stars can make it a lot easier. I’ve put together a personalized gift that I know each and every sign in the zodiac will love, so take a peek at my picks and let me know if I nailed your sign.


Trade Coffee Subscription

An Aries is always on the go and even though they’re probably your most energetic friend, even they could use a pick me up.


Homesick Candles

There’s nothing that a Taurus loves more than home, even when their home is thousands of miles away. However, these candles can help cure their home sickness in a flash.


Creative Block

While Geminis are easily one of the most creative signs in the zodiac, even they get mental blocks and these cards can help break down those barriers.



Cancers are known for being exceptionally caring and this quarterly subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving.


23 and Me Ancestry and Traits Service

Let’s face it, what does a Leo love more than themselves? An ancestry DNA test is the perfect present because it allows them to learn more about themselves and their background.


Poketo Quarterly Goal Planner

We all know that Virgos are extremely organized and they’ll be super grateful for a gorgeous planner that will keep their plans in check all year long.


Le Jardin Infini Preserved Roses

Libras are known for appreciating the finer things in life and what’s more bougie than a box of preserved roses that last up to three years?


Under the Bed Restraints

It’s no secret that Scorpios are pretty kinky and if you’re feeling bold, treat them to some sexy yet subtle restraints.


Olli Ella Suitcase

Although traveling is out of the question right know, we know that when the restrictions are lifted, Sagittarians will be the first ones jetting off.


Lush Relax Gift Set

Capricorns are some of the hardest workers we know, which means they deserve to enjoy some rest and relaxation every once and a while.


Galaxy Lamp

Aquarians are big thinkers who love to get a little weird, why not get weird under some simulated stars?


Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket

Pisces are big softies and would definitely shed a tear (or two) over a personalized gift like this.