This Astrology Sign Has the Most Notorious Serial Killers

Which sign do you think has the most famous serial killers?

Everyone who’s interested in astrology has that one sign that they don’t jive with. For me, a Virgo, it’s Gemini. I have the worst luck dating Gemini men and at this point, I consciously avoid them. However, just because a sign has some rotten apples, that doesn’t mean that they’re known for being bad. In fact, some of the most beloved signs are known for being attached to many serial killers. No, we’re not talking about the elusive Zodiac Killer. Instead, we’re going to investigate which signs have the most high profile killers and then use our understanding of astrology to break down what compels this sign to kill.


Although Aries are known for being passionate and motivated, they’re not known for being serial killers.

Notable Killers: The Happy Face Killer, The Casanova Killer and The Bikini Killer


America’s first modern serial killer was a Taurus and Taurus individuals often make “successful” serial killers, as they’re patient, devoted and hardworking.

Notable Killers: H.H. Holmes, Albert Fish and The Lonely Hearts Killer


Gemini has given us some of the most memorable serial killers in history, most notably Jeffrey Dahmer. Their charisma makes it easy for them to seduce potential victims and they’re easy to adapt, which means they can blend into new surroundings when necessary.

Notable Killers: Jeffrey Dahmer, Son of Sam and Danny Rollings


It’s true, Cancers are generally lovers not killers. These sensitive souls aren’t known for being killers and their most famous killer Robert Maudsley murdered three out of four of his victims while in prison.

Notable Killers: Carl Panzram, Robert Maudsley and Genene Jones


Like their fellow fire sign, Aries, Leos are passionate but they’re a bit too self-involved to risk life in prison.

Notable Killers: The Cleveland Strangler, The Acid Bath Killer and The Moors Murderer


As a fellow Virgo, I’m the first to admit that we make good serial killers. Virgos are meticulous and detail oriented, which makes them extremely capable of pulling off multiple murders.

Notable Killers: Ed Gein, Albert DeSalvo and The Angel of Death


Libras aren’t known for being serial killers, as they’re too concerned with being liked and are known for their gentle personalities.

Notable Killers: The Hillside Strangler, Fred West and The Stocking Strangler


It comes as no surprise that many of the most famous serial killers are Scorpios. Why, you may ask? Well, they often have a tendency to express jealous and are known for being very secretive.

Notable Killers: Charles Manson, The Golden State Killer and Hell’s Belle


Sagittarians love their freedom and aren’t afraid to leave town at a moments notice. This contributed to Ted Bundy’s “success” as a serial killer, as he frequently moved throughout the West Coast.

Notable Killers: Ted Bundy, The Interstate Killer and Dennis Nilsen


Capricorns are calculated individuals who love to be number one and it makes sense that they have one of the deadliest killers in history in their midst—Harold Shipman. During his lifetime, the English practitioner racked up approximately 250 victims, which earned him the nickname Dr. Death.

Notable Killers: Harold Shipman, The Candyman and Charles Ng


Aquarians are extremely eccentric, which makes for some pretty memorable killers. One of the most well known Aquarian killers is The Green River Killer, who murdered at least 49 women (most of whom were runaways and prostitutes) between 1982 and 2001.

Notable Killers: The Green River Killer, Joel the Ripper and Luis Garavito


While many Pisces consider themselves to be compassionate, some of the most notorious killers in history have been Pisces. In fact, we’d like to think that out of all of the signs, Pisces has some of the most well known murderers. With John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos and Richard Ramirez all belonging to this sign, we can see that this sensitive water sign certainly has a dark side and their idealism can cloud their judgement.

Notable Killers: John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos and Richard Ramirez