8 Ingredients for Witchcraft You Already Have In Your Kitchen

TikTok's @hatedwitch on performing practical spellwork from your home.

by Julia Cancilla, @hatedwitch

Starting out on your witchcraft journey and channeling your inner witch can be as intimidating as it is exciting. There are so many spells to learn, so many plant, crystal and tarot correspondences to memorize. As you begin your spiritual journey, you will read a lot about using herbs, plants, spices and other ingredients in your spells. Steeped in legend and lore, herbs, plants and spices provide witches a physical link to their beliefs and practices. Since the beginning of time, people have turned to these ingredients not just for food and medicine, but also as a means of connecting with the spiritual realm. 

There are thousands of ingredients that you can use in your craft, but save yourself the money and time by checking out how you can use ingredients that you probably already keep in your kitchen to meet any of your needs and desires. 

Rosemary’s Magical History 

One of the most versatile herbs in witchcraft, rosemary was well known to ancient practitioners. Rosemary was often cultivated in kitchen gardens and was said to represent the dominance of the lady in the house. Roman priests also used rosemary incense in religious ceremonies and many cultures considered it a herb to use for protection from evil spirits. Most commonly, a rosemary garland was worn by Greek and Roman scholars on the top of their heads to improve memory and clear thinking. 

Rosemary in Modern Spellwork 

  • Burn rosemary to cleanse a home of negative energy.
  • Burn rosemary as an incense during meditation to connect with the spiritual realm.
  • Stuff a healing poppet with dried rosemary to feel its healing properties.
  • Use rosemary in a spell jar for mental clarity and memory.
  • Place a sprig of rosemary under your partner’s dinner plate to keep them coming home to you.
  • Wear an amulet bag of rosemary while studying or taking exams to help you memorize information. 
  • Keep a bundle of dried rosemary by your front door to keep negative people and harmful energy out. 

Basil’s Magical History

Basil is known as a culinary herb, but it has some intense magical properties. It was used in Mediterranean countries by scattering it on floors to purify a home. A gift of potted basil was known to guarantee good fortune. It was also commonly used to heal snake bites and was believed to give strength during religious fasting. In India, basil was thought to be a powerful protector; with individuals planting it around their temples and placing it with the dead to protect them in the afterlife. It was commonly used among witches in love magic as well. 

Basil in Modern Spellwork

  • Two basil leaves placed on burning charcoal will tell you about the state of your relationship: if they burn to ash quickly, it will be harmonious, but if they crackle and hiss, it will be destructive. 
  • Sprinkle powdered basil on your mattress to keep your partner faithful. 
  • Place basil in a spell jar near your work space for productivity in business. 
  • Burn basil for prosperity. 
  • Let a piece of basil wilt under your bed to encourage your or someone else’s feelings to fade away. 
  • Plant basil near your home to repel negative energies and spirits. 
  • Wear an amulet bag of dried basil and some pennies to draw luck to your money and business matters. 

Cinnamon’s Magical History

Cinnamon was highly sought after in ancient times, but has a very mysterious history, as most people using it never knew where it came from. It was often given as a gift to reigning monarchs and was even considered “fit for the Gods.” Traditionally, cinnamon was burned by Greeks and Romans to increase psychic ability and spiritual awareness. It was also mentioned in Chinese healing books over four thousand years ago. 

Cinnamon in Modern Spellwork

  • Cinnamon can be added to any spell to speed up the action.
  • On the first of every month, blow powdered cinnamon towards your front door to invite in prosperity. 
  • Keep a pinch of cinnamon in your wallet to draw in money. 
  • Tie a pair of cinnamon sticks together and place them under your bed or carry them with you for courage. 
  • Steep some cinnamon sticks in olive oil for a homemade lust potion that you can anoint on your neck and wrists. 
  • Hang a bundle of cinnamon sticks over your front door for protection. 

Black Pepper’s Magical History 

Black pepper is one of the oldest spices known to humankind. In many cultures across the world, black pepper is associated with gods and goddesses of protection, war and victory. In India, black pepper was used for protection and in rituals of removing the evil eye and negative energy. Thanks to the spice trade from the East to the European countries, black pepper was introduced not only as a spice, but as traditional medicine and magic. 

Black Pepper in Modern Spellwork

  • Burn black pepper on a piece of charcoal to cleanse a space. 
  • Add black pepper or peppercorns into a spray bottle with water to spray any spaces that need extra cleansing and protection. 
  • Carry three whole peppercorns in your wallet to ward off jealousy and gossip. 
  • Keep black pepper or peppercorns in a satchet under your mattress for protection from nightmares while you sleep. 
  • Anoint a candle with black pepper oil (you can make your own by steeping peppercorns in olive oil for about two weeks) and burn to increase motivation and focus. 
  • Add three pinches of black pepper to your and your loved one’s food to banish any hexes, jinxes or evil eyes. 

Tomatoes’ Magical History

Tomatoes were originally cultivated by the Aztecs and Incas back in 700 AD. Some people believe the tomato to be the original forbidden fruit and feared eating them would lead to uncontrollable lust. Traditionally, a tomato on your mantlepiece was said to protect your home. They were often used in spells to bring in prosperity and love. 

Tomato in Modern Spellwork

  • Place a tomato on the windowsill to prevent evil from entering your home. (Be sure to change it every three days)
  • Eat tomatoes with your lover to inspire love and passion.
  • Tomato plants in the garden will have a protective effect. 
  • Use a bit of tomato juice on your lip to encourage lust. 

Salt’s Magical History

For centuries, salt has been known as a very magical and valuable ingredient. In many Eastern belief systems, salt is used both as a purifier and to repel evil. Egyptian caravans set out on a journey across the desert to perform a ritual that involved burning salt on hot coals to ensure evil spirits would not get in the way of travelers. Early Christians began using salt in christenings and baptisms as purification and protection. Even today, Churches are consecrated with salt and holy water. 

Salt in Modern Spellwork

  • Place salt at your front door and windowsills for protection. 
  • Make a witch bottle for protection with salt as the main ingredient. 
  • Salted water can be used to wipe down windows, doors and mirrors for cleansing and purification. 
  • Toss some salt where negative folks stepped to stop them from returning. 
  • Dress a black candle in oil and roll it in salt as a spell to banish negative forces. 
  • Use a pinch in the bath to cleanse yourself of any negativity. 

Oregano’s Magical History 

Oregano was a popular medicinal herb among the Romans and Greeks and they believed the magical properties to include happiness, protection, love and communication. Hippocrates strongly believed in the healing powers of oregano and used it regularly to treat gastrointestinal issues. During the Elizabethan era, oregano was used for everything—to bring good luck and health, as well as being worn by sleeping to protect oneself and to have prophetic dreams. 

Oregano in Modern Spell Work

  • Stuff a few sachets with oregano and hang them around your home to bring joy and lightness into your home. 
  • Place a bit of oregano in your shoes before traveling to ensure that your trip is easy, safe and fun. 
  • Cooking with oregano will open up channels of communication with whomever you are sharing the meal with. 
  • Keep an oregano plant in your garden or kitchen for protection. 
  • Adding a few pinches of oregano to a bath will bring calmness and clarity. 

Lemon’s Magical History 

Lemons have been grown for centuries and are prized for the health-giving benefits and flavors. They’re especially prized among witches for their properties of purification, happiness and beauty. In fact, in China, the lemon is a symbol of happiness. In many cultures, lemons are sacred and connected to the moon. 

Lemon in Modern Spellwork

  • Lemon tea will cleanse and purify any negativity attached to you.
  • Place a slice or two of lemon on your nightstand to absorb any negativity. Replace when they become dried out. 
  • Lemon pie given to your partner will strengthen fidelity.
  • Add some lemon juice in your surface wash to cleanse and purify your home. 
  • Soak lemon peel in water and use the mixture as a wash for your magical tools to cleanse its energy. 
  • Use lemon peel in a happiness spell jar. 
  • Keep a few lemon peels in your shower for energy. 

These are just a few ingredients from an extremely long list that you can use in your craft without even leaving your home. Magic is always at your fingertips and is always the most powerful when you use your intuition to guide you towards ingredients that you already have on hand.

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