Everything You Need to Know About Your Saturn Sign

Do you know your Saturn sign?

Understanding your astrological chart can tell you a lot about who you are. It tells you about how you communicate, how you love, how you act and even, how you succeed. However, it can also be beneficially in understanding your weaknesses. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to recognize both in order to grow. Your Saturn sign represents authority, discipline and leadership. It tells you where you face limitations and what areas of your life need improvement. Saturn spends two and a half years in each sign, which means that whole demographics of people experience the same challenges together. Which means, you’re not alone!

Take a look at the gallery below to learn more about your Saturn sign and let us know your sign in the comments section on social media.


If your Saturn is in Aries, you struggle with being impulsive and bossy. You’re quick to jump into things and have a hard time seeing plans through. Additionally, you can be a bit domineering and have hard time letting others take the lead.

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If your Saturn is in Taurus, you struggle with spending and laziness. You like to live large, even when your bank account doesn’t allow for it. Additionally, you can have difficulties with motivation.

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If your Saturn is in Gemini, you struggle with communicating. You have all the ideas in your head, but when it comes to letting them out, you often fall short.

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If your Saturn is in Cancer, you struggle with leaving the nest and nurturing others. You may have a hard time leaving home and have difficulties finding your footing on your own. You may also have a hard time nurturing and being the caretaker for others in your life.

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If your Saturn is in Leo, you struggle with self-expression. Although you have it in you, you have a hard time accessing your creative time and accepting a place as the center of attention.

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If your Saturn is in Virgo, you struggle with perfectionism and staying on top of the details. You’re extremely hard on yourself and can get lost in getting everything right. Plus, you can be easily overwhelmed by little details and this can derail your tasks.

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If your Saturn is in Libra, you struggle with finding balance and harmony in relationships. You have a hard time dealing with the give and take relationships require, getting too caught up in “fairness.”

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If your Saturn is in Scorpio, you struggle with change and emotional depth. You don’t deal with transitions well and drag your feet when things change. Additionally, you have a hard time getting deep and opening up with others.

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If your Saturn is in Sagittarius, you struggle with staying in one place. You’re always on the move and can have trouble with staying in one spot for two long—physically or emotionally.

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If your Saturn is in Capricorn, you struggle with commitment and your high standards. Although you’re very ambitious, you have a hard time committing to ideas, careers or relationships. Plus, you hold yourself to impossibly high standards that can send you off the deep end.

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If your Saturn is in Aquarius, you struggle with finding your community. You have a tough time finding your people and may spend years jumping between friend groups.

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If your Saturn is in Pisces, you struggle with intimacy. It’s very difficult for you to open up to others and let your feelings be known.

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