Everything You Need to Know About Your Jupiter Sign

Do you know your Jupiter placement?

We all know our sun signs and for many of us, we also know are moon and rising signs. But in astrology, there’s a lot more than just your big three. Each planet is ruled by one of the 12 signs and each planet dictates a different aspect of our personalities. After covering Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus and Mars, we’re finally on to Jupiter. Jupiter rules fortune, achievement and success. Basically it’s all about power and your ruling sign shows how you succeed. Understanding your Jupiter sign can help you to rise to the top of the corporate ladder or even how to start your own business. It’s your code to personally power. Take a look at the gallery below to see how each sign is impacted by the planet Jupiter, then let us know your Jupiter placement in the comments section on social media.


If your Jupiter is in Aries, you succeed through independence. You’re a fiery spirit and you’ll do achieve by being your own boss.

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If your Jupiter is in Taurus, you succeed through money. You’re very focused on finances and this makes you very successful in careers such as banking, accounting or stockbroking.

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If your Jupiter is in Gemini, you succeed through communication. You know how to talk the talk and will thrive in careers in PR, journalism, social media or television.

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If your Jupiter is in Cancer, you succeed through instincts. You’re a good judge of things and find success going with your gut feeling, which leads to success in law, engineering and strategy-based professions.

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If your Jupiter is in Leo, you succeed through being in the spotlight. You love having all eyes on you and will find success in careers in entertainment, sports and politics.

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If your Jupiter is in Virgo, you succeed through analytics. You’re hyper focused on details and would find success in jobs in science, academia, accounting and journalism.

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If your Jupiter is in Libra, you succeed through harmony. You work well with others and value fairness, which leads to success in careers such as law, politics and nursing.

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If your Jupiter is in Scorpio, you succeed through curiosity. You want to learn about everything and uncover the world’s secrets, which bodes well for careers in journalism, investigation and academia.

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If your Jupiter is in Sagittarius, you succeed through free thinking. You’ve got an open mind and like to think BIG, which leads to success in careers in politics, law and research.

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If your Jupiter is in Capricorn, you succeed through hard work. You’re always one to persevere and keep on hustling, which leads to success in business, medicine and activism.

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If your Jupiter is in Aquarius, you succeed through empathy. You’re a huge humanitarian and find success in careers such as medicine, activism and politics.

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If your Jupiter is in Pisces, you succeed through making the world a better place. You’re an idealist and will find success in careers in medicine, academia and activism.

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