How to Guess Someone’s Sign Just By Looking at Them, According to an Astrologer

Take a look at astrologer Maren Altman's breakdown on guessing signs correctly.

Once you tell someone that you’re interested in astrology, often times you’ll be asked to guess their sign. Trust me, you don’t know how many times I’ve been asked to do this, especially with people that I’ve just met. And this can be incredibly tricky, as we use someone’s personality to gauge where their fall on the astrological wheel. However, what if I told you that there’s a way to guess someone’s sign just by looking at them.

Astrologer Maren Altman has been practicing astrology for years and has found a way to classify each sign by their physical features. Take a look at the gallery below to see her explanation of how to guess someone’s sun (or rising) sign based on their appearance and let us know if these descriptions are accurate to your sign in the comments section on social media.

Maren Altman


According to Altman, Aries often have a fiery color scheme throughout their hair, skin and eyes—even if they have dark hair and eyes. She also often spots an Aries by their high arched brows, strong chin and well defined lips. She shares that Aries rules the head, making this sign known for their striking facial features. She gives actor Emma Watson as an example of an Aries sun with these features.

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Moving on to Taurus, Altman attributes this signs soft, gentle and sensual features with their ruling planet, Venus. She explains that Tauruses often have soft skin, pouty lips, a full frame and thick hair, as well as what Altman calls cute, bull-like nostrils and upturned eyes. She shares that Taurus rules the neck, so they often either have a strong or elegant neck. She gives actor Audrey Hepburn as an example of a Taurus sun with these features.

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Next up, Gemini. Altman identifies Geminis for their small, well defined features with a concise, pouty mouth. And because they’re represented by the twins, their faces have a lot of symmetry and expressive features. She explains that Gemini rules the hands, so this sign often talks with their hands or has well-defined arms. She gives actor Helena Bonham-Carter as an example of a Gemini sun with these features.

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As someone who has many Cancers in her life, Altman has determined that there are two major types of faces for this sign: the lunar Cancers and the crustacean Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and according to Altman, lunar Cancers often have a rounder face, larger eyes and a softer body. The second type has more crab-like features, such as higher cheek bones, smaller eyes and a thinner nose. Cancer rules the chest, so Altman finds that this sign often has a very pronounced or a very athletic chest. She gives singer Ariana Grande as an example of a Cancer sun with these features.

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For Leos, Altman says that they often have a golden color scheme, glowing skin, a square or heart shaped face and cat-like eyes. Her biggest giveaway for a Leo is their thick mane of hair. Leo rules the heart, which Altman says isn’t a huge physical indicator, aside from a blood rich complexion. She gives actor/singer Jennifer Lopez as an example of a Leo sun with these features.

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As Virgo is ruled by Mercury, Altman finds that this sign often has delicate, refined and slender features. This sign is associated with the virgin, which she says gives both men and women a somewhat feminine shape to their bodies. Virgo rules the digestive system, which doesn’t typically come across when you’re looking at someone. She gives singer Beyoncé as an example of a Virgo sun with these features.

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On to Libra, Altman finds that Libra’s ruling planet of Venus comes into play when giving this sign balanced and symmetrical features, such as an oval shaped face, proportioned features and a stronger nose. Libra rules the hips, meaning that this sign often carries weight in that area. She gives actor Bella Thorne as an example of a Libra sun with these features.

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For Scorpio, Altman remarks that this sign often has an intense and powerful gaze. She says that this sign often has large and dark eyes, even if they’re blue. She finds that this sign often has a down turned nose. Scorpio rules the genitals, so unless you’re seeing those upon meeting them, they typically aren’t a giveaway. She gives actor Anne Hathaway as an example of a Scorpio sun with these features.

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Next up, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Altman finds that it gives this sign expressive and welcoming features. She also says that it often gives them unruly hair or a more wild appearance overall. She also notes that this sign is known for their large smiles and a grounded build, because Sagittarius rules the thighs and gluts. She gives singer Nicki Minaj as an example of a Sagittarius sun with these features.

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On to Capricorn, Altman finds that Capricorns often have bony, sharper features and bodies—as they rule the bones and the knees. She shares that they often have sharper and smaller builds, smaller heads and deep set eyes. She also goes on to say that they often move in a very deliberate and cautious way. She gives former first lady Michelle Obama as an example of a Capricorn sun with these features.

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Out of all the signs, Altman shares that she finds Aquarians to be the easiest to spot out of the bunch for their sharp, wide set jaw, wide shoulders, larger heads and closer together eyes. She finds that this sign has a cool tone to them, which is reflected through their skin tone, hair color and eye color. This sign rules the ankles, often giving a delicate or strong look to this part of the body. She gives actress Bonnie Wright as an example of an Aquarius sun with these features.

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Last, but certainly not least, Altman identifies Pisces based on their delicate yet flowing features, deep eyes, longer lower faces and curvaceous figures. Because Pisces rules the feet, Altman finds that this sign either has very small or very large feet. She gives actor Jessica Biel as an example of a Pisces sun with these feature.

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Check out Maren Altman’s full video down below for her full, in depth explanation on how to guess someone’s sign.