Everything You Need to Know About Your Mars Sign

Do you know your Mars sign?

When it comes to astrology, there’s way more to each of us than just our sun sign. We’re all made up a combination of signs that are dependent on where the planets were aligned at the time of our birth. One of the signs that you may not know much about is your Mars placement. This sign impacts how we assert ourselves, take action and the energy we carry into the bedroom. That’s right, when it comes to our sex drive, Mars takes the wheel. Take a look at the gallery below to learn more about your Mars sign and let us know your thoughts on your Mars placement in the comments section on social media.


If your Mars is in Aries, you assert yourself by listening to your gut. You can be known to make impulsive decisions and when angry, you usually get over it pretty quickly. Your sex drive is extremely energetic and you have tons of stamina.

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If your Mars is in Taurus, you assert yourself in a much more relaxed and down to Earth way. You’re not particularly aggressive and prefer to take things slow. Your sex drive is much more sensual, but still very powerful.

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If your Mars is in Gemini, you assert yourself with your words. You have a way with words and when you’re fired up, you use them as a weapon. Your sex drive is brought out through your social personality, frequently making you the flintiest person in the room.

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If your Mars is in Cancer, you assert yourself through passive-aggression. When you’re angry, you become very emotional but at the same time you avoid direct confrontations. Your sex drive is exceptionally emotionally in tune and nurturing, which may mean that you need to have a connection with someone before sleeping with them.

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If your Mars is in Leo, you assert yourself with strength and confidence. You have a strong drive to create and explore your passions. But when someone comes for your ego, they better watch out. Your sex drive is fueled by strength and passion, plus you don’t mind having all the attention on you in the bedroom.

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If your Mars is in Virgo, you assert yourself in a practical and critical way. You’re not as aggressive as others, instead shifting your emotions inward. Your sex drive is all about striving for perfection and you want to be the best in the bedroom.

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If your Mars is in Libra, you assert yourself through weighing all the options. You struggle with being decisive and can get stuck on striving for fairness. Your sex drive is propelled by beauty and harmony, meaning you’re drawn toward physical attractiveness and are definitely a giver in the bedroom.

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If your Mars is in Scorpio, you assert yourself with tact and strategy. You’re down for a challenge and are able to keep your cool under pressure. Your sex drive is intense and have the strongest sexual stamina of any of the other Mars placements.

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If your Mars is in Sagittarius, you assert yourself by fleeing from conflicts. You don’t have a ton of patience when it comes to working through something that upsets you, instead preferring to run away from the problem entirely. However, it takes you a while to get to this point, as you’re generally light-hearted and optimistic, even in debates. Your sex drive is fueled by adventure and you’re definitely not afraid to try something new.

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If your Mars is in Capricorn, you assert yourself with control. You’re level headed and disciplined when you get angry, which can make it difficult for you to let go. Your sex drive is disciplined and you like to take the reigns in the bedroom.

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If your Mars is in Aquarius, you assert yourself through your independence. You approach conflicts in a unique, open-minded and progressive way. Your sex drive is curious and you’re not afraid to experiment and defy convention.

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If your Mars is in Pisces, you assert yourself in a mild-mannered way. You’re not the most aggressive person, but your emotions definitely guide your decision making. Your sex drive is propelled by creativity and imagination, which means you probably love role play.

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