Everything You Need to Know About Stelliums in Astrology

Do you have a stellium in your chart?

Our astrology charts can tell us a lot about ourselves. They can tell us about how we love, how we think, how we dream and how these aspects will impact different areas of our lives. And while you’re probably already familiar with the twelve signs and the planets, there are likely many terms you’re not familiar with yet—including stelliums.

In astrology, a stellium occurs when multiple planets (3 or more) cluster within the same sign or house. In the case of a stellium being in one sign, this will mean that the sign’s traits will be exceptional prominent in your personality. In the case of a stellium being in one of the twelve houses, this will mean the house will have a very large role in your life plan.

Often times, people who have a stellium in their charts have big personalities. Normally people have a balance of a variety of signs that will tone down any particular sign (even a sun sign). However, when a stellium occurs, this one sign has a lot of concentrated energy. This can present itself to be both an asset and a disadvantage, as stelliums can be a driving factor or present challenges the person has to overcome.

Stelliums make the biggest impact on someone’s personality if they impact planets closer to the sun or houses with low numbers. The further out the planets and houses go, the more subtle a stellium will present itself. Many celebrities (particularly artists) have stelliums in their charts, notably musicians Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain and Billie Eilish.

Each and every stellium is unique, as each chart has a different combination of planets in a particular sign and house. For example, I have both sign and house stelliums in my chart. I have a stellium in Scorpio, with my Venus, Jupiter and Pluto planets in this sign. This means that I’m someone who’s emotionally intense and has a strong fascination with the macabre/ the occult. I also have stelliums in my third (Mercury, Venus and Jupiter) and sixth (Moon, Neptune and Uranus) houses, which mean communication and routine play a big part in my life plan. And as an empath who loves horror movies, has chosen a career in journalism and is constantly writing lists, this is pretty darn spot on.

What do you think of stelliums? Do you have a stellium (or more than one) in your chart? Let us know in the comments section on social media.