Everything You Need to Know About Color Magic

Upgrade your rituals.

Color magic is a witch’s best friend because it can be used daily and subtly. That lucky red lipstick that’s your first date favorite, the grounded feeling you get looking at grass, the white wedding dress. It’s all color magic.

Color magic is the art of using the color spectrum and the intention of each color to invoke its magical response. Color theory, especially in marketing, shows that using certain colors can affect moods, thoughts, impressions and feelings. Each color on the spectrum has the ability to create and enhance magic – it is all a matter of utilizing it.

How to Incorporate Color Magic Into Your Life

There are so many different ways to utilize color magic in witchcraft and in your everyday life. The best part about witchcraft is that there are no rules, so you can get creative with your magical practices!


Candles are one of the most popular and versatile tools in witchcraft rituals and the color of the candles you use can make all the difference. Match your candle colors with your intentions for an extra boost to your spell!


What you adorn yourself with can impact the way you are perceived and even the way you perceive yourself. Match your intentions with the colors on your clothes, in your makeup and on your nails!

Home Decor

Marketers and interior designers use color theory all the time to evoke a feeling or mood for various spaces. In your bedroom, you may want to incorporate calmer colors, whereas in the kitchen or the bathroom, you may want to incorporate more energizing colors.


While crystals have their own energies and meanings, a lot of the time that energy has to do with the color of that crystal. It’s something useful to pay attention to!


Journaling, petitioning, or drawing sigils in specific colors can help amplify the intentions and energy!

The Meanings of Each Color

While each color has general properties that most witches agree upon, magic can be super personal. Keep in mind that the most important aspect of a spell is you, and we all connect to color in different ways, so use your intuition!


Red is bold! It is a direct color, fueled by the energetic electricity of fire. It is most closely associated with passion and is great to use in love, seduction and sex magic. Not only is it the color for deep and sensual love, passion and lust but also for power, strength and war. Red creates a presence – it is both commanding and demanding. Shades of red can be incorporated into your life when looking to enhance sexual suggestion, strength, or an all-around powerful persona.


Pink is also a color of love, but it is softer and more gentle. It is happy and playful, both sweet and tart. It takes the love of red and turns it inward to the self, creating confidence and appeal. It’s a great color for self-love and self-care. Pink is also incredibly healing, especially in matters of love, and can be used to nurture relationships.


Orange is another warm tone with fiery energy. Shades of orange help manifest confidence, vitality and luck. It’s also a great color to incorporate when you need a boost of energy or creativity.


Yellow is loud and is the color of communication, joy and happiness. It’s also a great color to energize creativity – anybody artistically inclined would benefit from having yellow in their creative space.


Green carries very fertile energy, initiates a “go” response and symbolizes the movement of prosperity. The prosperity can incorporate material wealth or the fertility of emotional success. Green is an excellent color to use in all areas of growth, prosperity, abundance and earth.


Blue harbors a very calm and soothing energy. It’s the dreamy color of water and can be used to balance out emotions and bring relaxation and peace. It can also be used in matters of communication and gaining clarity.


Purple is the most mystical color. It is representative of wisdom and is deeply connected to psychic power, intuition and occult knowledge. It is also a calming force. Purples are great to incorporate into divination practices to help energize the psychic mind.


Black has long been associated as “the witch’s color.” It gets a bad rep but it’s an extremely powerful color for protection, uncrossing and warding off negativity.


White is super useful and versatile in witchcraft. It is cleansing and purifying, so it is great for clearing away negative energies. It can also be used for ancestral and spirit communication, or to replace another candle color.