8 Crystals to Make You the Most Attractive Person In the Room

Crystals for the baddies

You know those people who walk into a room and immediately all eyes are on them? It’s like they have some sort of magnetic pull that demands the attention of everybody in the room. They very well may have a real magnetic pull – from crystals.

Each crystal has its own particular vibration and frequency, which arise from its molecular composition. From the way they move and interact, these vibrations and energies work in sync with our human bodies. Since they are all naturally extracted, they harness the energies of the sun, moon and oceans, vibrating at the same pitch as humans and maximizing what is already within us.

People have used crystals for centuries to help feel confident, powerful and sexy and attract love into their life. From rose quartz to carnelian, here are eight crystals that will make you the most attractive and alluring person in the room.

Rose Quartz

The classic. The stone of universal love, rose quartz purifies and opens the heart to promote self-love, friendship and romance. This is the perfect stone to use or carry with you when you are trying to harness soft, subtle attraction. Sweet, gentle, nurturing, pretty.


All beauty stems from confidence within, and citrine is an excellent stone for self-confidence. Carrying or using this crystal lifts your confidence, sense of self and physical energy and works to help you show up brightly, confidently and strongly.


One of my personal all-time favorites, carnelian is a spicy crystal. Carnelian is an incredible crystal for boosting libido and helping you to fully step into the fire of your own sexual identity and power. Keep this crystal close for self-confidence and attraction or on your bedside table to promote fantastic sexy time!

Flower Agate

Flower agate emanates soft, feminine energy that enhances sensuality and attraction, also encouraging you to be outgoing. This is the perfect crystal to carry with you on a date or somewhere you may be flirting with a lot of people.


Jade is a very intuitive crystal for dealing with the mental and emotional. It encourages you to up your self-sufficiency so you feel allowed and proud to stand on your own two feet. This is super important when it comes to self-esteem and attraction. What’s more attractive than an independent, self-assured bad bitch?


The Queen of Stones! Ruby is extremely effective in encouraging vitality and sensuality and aiding intimate relationships. It is very much a heart-centered stone and will enhance feelings of passion.


This beautiful green crystal is extremely powerful and encourages high self-confidence as well as luck. It is also a heart chakra stone and helps to clear out emotional baggage. This is the type of stone that gives you this sort of magnetic presence, pulling everyone towards you.


Garnet ignites passion and connects you to your sensual energies. It is a very powerful crystal for physical love and attraction, making you irresistible to anyone around.