12 Must-Have Crystals for Each Astrology Sign

Do you have a favorite crystal?

If you love crystals and astrology, why not combine both passions? Each astrology sign can benefit from the properties of specific healing crystals—as some signs often need more motivation, calming or help accessing their intuition. Allow this guide to inspire you in your crystal journey, as the stone you need most might be the one you least expect. Take a peek at our crystal recommendations based on your sign and let us know your favorite healing crystal in the comments section on social media.


Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that helps to promote motivation and creativity. This stone can help an already ambitious and courageous Aries to charge ahead and take on the world.

Other crystals for Aries: Bloodstone, red jasper, citrine and garnet.


Amazonite is a soothing stone that helps to calm the mind and body. A Taurus should embrace this stone as it helps to dispel negative thoughts, promotes positivity and helps to open up the heart chakra.

Other crystals for Taurus: Petrified wood, rose quartz, peridot and selenite.


Labradorite is a stone that helps the user through transformation and change. As a sign that’s constantly in flux and bounding from one idea to the next, this stone provides balance for Geminis.

Other crystals for Geminis: Citrine, shungite, jade and agate.


Moonstone is a crystal that helps with empathy, compassion and intuition. Cancers can benefit from this stone because it helps to calm their nervous thoughts and deepen their emotions.

Other crystals for Cancers: Red jasper, selenite, labradorite and calcite.


Tiger’s Eye is a great stone for promoting creativity and helps to set plans into action. Leos are naturally creative and this stone aids in bringing out this quality.

Other crystals for Leos: Pyrite, rose quartz, garnet and carnelian.


Red Jasper is an extremely grounding stone that can aid in precision and clarity. Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac and this stone helps their analytical side, while also opened them up.

Other crystals for Virgos: Amazonite, fluorite, amethyst and kyanite.


Lapis Lazuli is all about balance—which makes it perfect for Libras. Libras are constantly seeking harmony and this stone balances energies from the inside out.

Other crystals for Libras: Sodalite, tiger’s eye, bloodstone and citrine.


Citrine is a sign that promotes happiness, positivity and tranquility. Scorpios, who’re ruled by passion and are quick to anger, can use this stone to help them calm down.

Other crystals for Scorpios: Obsidian, tourmaline, malachite and amethyst.


Turquoise is great for manifesting good luck. And with a sign that’s always dreaming big and making moves, a little luck can go a long way.

Other crystals for Sagittarians: Smoky quartz, lepidolite, citrine and shungite.


Jade is known for helping to bring about prosperity and abundance—a.k.a. money. Financial success is considered to be the number one priority of Capricorns, making it a great stone for them to have.

Other crystals for Capricorns: Garnet, rose quartz, azurite and smoky quartz.


Amethyst is a stone that not only helps relieve anxiety, it can aid in enhancing spiritual awareness and intuition. As a sign that’s extremely open-minded and generally spiritually conscious, this stone can help Aquarians to connect with the universe.

Other crystals for Aquarians: Lepidolite, aquamarine, tourmalinated quartz and garnet.


Aquamarine has an incredibly soothing energy and is very much associated with water. That makes it perfect for Pisces, a water sign that often needs help working through their feelings.

Other crystals for Pisces: Amethyst, clear quartz, chrysocolla and carnelian.