These Aren’t Your Auntie’s Tarot Decks

Find the perfect tarot deck for you.

Tarot cards were first made in Europe during the mid-15th century and began being used for divination during the late 18th century. During this time, traditional decks such as Rider-Waite emerged and shaped divination into what it is today. Many people who practice tarot still use decks like Rider-Waite, however, there are hundreds of decks out there that are shaped to an individual’s occult expression. Take a look at 10 unique, artistic and expressive tarot decks in the gallery below, then let us know your favorite tarot deck in the comments section on social media.

Bad Girl Tarot by Katie Skelly

Illustrator Katie Skelly first introduced the Bad Girl Tarot through KickStarter in July of 2018 and the deck has since exploded in popularity in the divination world. Inspired by badass women of the past and present, this deck reminds users to be their authentic selves and live on the edge.

The Slutist Tarot

This deck celebrates sex positivity, femininity, deviants and divine whores of all kinds. The deck was written and illustrated by Morgan Claire Sirene, and it showcases the sexual evolution of a maiden beginning with the Fool and ending on the World.

Modern Witch Tarot

Currently the number one best selling tarot deck on Amazon, Lisa Sterle puts a modern spin on the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck. This deck embraces femininity, inclusivity and modernity and it’s a perfect introductory deck for any aspiring witch.

Mystic Mondays Tarot

Created by visual designer Grace Duong, this deck is both visually stunning and uniquely mystical. The deck gives modern interpretations of each card and promotes positive vibes all around.

The OK Tarot

Modeled off simplicity, this deck is easy to interpret and offers no frills illustration. Crafted by artist Adam J. Kurtz, The OK Tarot Deck is the perfect divination tool for the minimalist witch.

Moon Power Tarot

Inspired by the mysticism of the moon, this deck was illustrated by Charlie Quintero and gives customers 78 beautifully ornamented cards. Best suited for intuitive enthusiasts, this deck is the perfect accompaniment to any witch’s collection.

Ophidia Rosa Tarot

Perfect for the witch with a green thumb, this deck takes inspiration from plants, flowers and other garden life. Plus, gilded gold edges and custom keepstake box makes this deck extra lux.

She Wolfe Tarot

Created by Devany Wolfe, this deck pulls inspiration from Goddess power and Ancient Egypt to guide users on a spiritual quest. This deck includes the 78 traditional cards, as well as two secret arcana cards and a helpful 200 page guidebook.

Tattoo Tarot

Crafted by tarot expert Diana McMahon-Collins and illustrated by MEGAMUNDEN, this deck offers a uniquely artistic perspective. Taking inspiration from the evolving world of tattooing, this deck is made to be enjoyed by art lovers worldwide.

The Dark Exact Tarot

For this deck, The Dark Exact transforms the major arcana into plants, animals, objects and alchemical symbols. Simple and satisfying, this deck is perfect for beginners and advanced occultists alike.